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I am a Food Freedom Activist. Hear me roar.

“It is better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!”

~ Emiliano Zapata, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution.

We must fight against the industrialized food model, and to resist all efforts of the corporate food giants to take control of the food supply with their genetically modified versions of what used to be considered human food.

To guarantee the safety of our food, we must:

-Use intelligent resistance to protest that which is unjust and causes harm to the environment, animals and humans;

-Spread awareness through a network of friends and contacts about the importance of eating healthy organic and non-gmo food;

-Support those groups which are aligned in purpose to eradicate, expose or otherwise marginalize industrialized corporate food giants;

-Support local and sustainable farming practices by either adopting a “grow-your-own” policy, buying at local farmer’s markets or joining a CSA;

-Live well and within reasonable means and avoid wasteful practices;

-Speak out aggressively against any government policies, laws or regulations which give preference to large corporate operators at the expense of small farms and individuals;

-Support in every way an individuals right to choose what he/she eats.

What we now call “Non-GMO” food products were once known simply as “food”. We have had to apply that label now to any food product that is free of genetically modified material, created in laboratories by large chemical companies posing as agriculture companies to resist everything from pests to drought. Some of this material causes the plant to produce its own pesticide which, despite what the corporations who make it might say, is not good for the environment, animals or humans.

In the days, weeks, months and years ahead, we as citizens, consumers and humans have a fight on our hands that we absolutely must win. The corporate giants spend billions every year on slick advertizing campaigns to brainwash people into believing that the new technology is safe. They also spend money paying off politicians at every level to ensure that the agencies charged with regulating them are friendly toward the larger operators, and that the laws passed pertaining to agriculture tilt in the favor of those same large operators. They have created a “revolving door policy” between the top level executives and the regulating bodies, shuttling key personnel back and forth at strategic times to get their own dominating policies into the regulations, keeping their advantages in the marketplace and an absolute stranglehold on the small farmers.

The coming posts will outline and categorize some of the finer points in this battle. Read carefully, do your own additional research and think about what you are seeing. Use keywords to search the internet for valuable information that you can use to determine what truths can be discovered and what actions can be taken.

This site is a work in progress, and in the coming months there will be posts which will give you a head start toward finding an understanding of the key issues pertaining to the science of genetically modifying the world in which we live.